Annex V - Cooperative Program on Environmentally Friendly Corrosion Protection Technologies for Magnesium Alloys Used in Transportation

The objective of this Annex is to conduct cooperative research into mechanistic understanding of Mg coating technologies and on joint development of standard method for predictive testing of Mg alloys in automotive applications.

Task I. Technical Information Exchange

  • Exchange of reports, studies, and test samples as agreed upon in advance by the participating members on a semi-annual basis;
  • Joint technical workshops and meetings;
  • Reciprocal invitations to workshops and conferences;
  • Reciprocal visits to research facilities.

Task II. Characterization of protective coatings for better understanding of protection mechanisms

  • Chemical characterization of the coating materials applied on Mg surfaces;
  • Local interface mechanical properties;
  • Corrosion protection properties;
  • Post-mortem analysis of failed samples in order to probe into the failure mechanisms of various coatings.

Task III. Development of standard test methods for predicting the long-term performance of Mg alloys

  • Establish database of various relevant test methods currently used for evaluating Mg alloys;
  • Design and develop the ranges of “key test parameters” such as the levels of salts to use in salt-spray or immersion condition, the level of humidity in case of fog test, the temperature range and duration for each test cycle, the composition and quantity of additional solid contaminants to add to the test system;
  • Conduct international Round Robin laboratory testing and evaluations using the variables defined in (b);
  • Conduct field testing, which duplicates of the test materials used in the Round Robin program;
  • Examine correlation of test results for field tests and cross-correlation of lab-field test data.

Annex Chairman:

Dr. Wenyue Zheng

Materials Technology Lab- CANMET

568 Booth St.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1A0G1