Annex VI - Co-operative program on low cost carbon fibers and composites for transportation applications

The objective of the Annex is to assess the needs for new test methods and standards for low cost carbon fibers and their composites to be used in cars and trucks for light weighting purpose. Once the needs are identified, then new test method development may be undertaken to fill the gaps, followed by the development of global standards for the production and supply of this new generation of carbon fibers. Annex Participants

UK - University of Sunderland

USA - Oak Ridge National Lab

Carbon composites are light, tough, and strong. It is an ideal material for lightweighting vehicles, trucks, and planes. The main barrier of its wide spread use is its high cost. Extensive research activities are being conducted around the world to produce low cost carbon fibers for manufacturing into low cost composites. For this generation of low cost carbon fibers and the resulting composites, testing methods and standards are very different from the aerospace-grade class of carbon composites. Standards needed for trade and specifications are different. This annex focuses on assessing the needs for new test method development and calibration standards to be used for this new class of carbon fibers and composites. Towards this end, an International Committee on Carbon Fiber Standards has been set up in 2011, consisting of fiber manufacturers, users, automotive OEMs, national labs and government representatives has been set up in 2011 to identify the gaps and recommend actions.

Tasks: Under this Annex, three tasks are being conducted.

Task I. Technical Information Exchange

Exchange of reports, studies, and presentations

Task II. Inventory of existing test methods and standards

An inventory of existing industrial practice, test methods, and domestic and international standards are being compiled. Inputs from the International Committee will guide the gap identification effort.

Task III. Assessment of gaps in translating existing test methods and standards to low cost carbon fibers and their composites.

Establish database of various relevant test methods currently used for evaluating aerospace-grade high performance carbon fibers.Annex Chairman:

Dr. Alan Wheatley

Universal Materials Testing

University of Sunderland

Edinburgh Building

Chester Road, Sunderland SR1 3SD