Chairman's Greeting

Chairman Jerry Gibbs

Welcome to the website of the Implementing Agreement on Advanced Materials for Transportation (AMT-TCP). We are an active, enthusiastic group of materials professionals committed to accelerate the deployment of materials-based solutions for the world's transportation challenges. Our members from the four continents represent a diverse array of materials expertise and professional responsibilities but all share a passion for advancing materials solutions to future vehicular systems for energy security. Since transportation is essential for human welfare, global commerce, and environmental sustainability, we believe our effort will add significant value to our national economic well being and the world at large. Sharing of technical information and conducting coordinated research activities for the benefit of all, is at the core of our existence.

Since 1986, AMT has focused on a program of materials characterization, test method development, and standards setting on promising advanced materials essential to advance transportation technologies. In the early years, the emphasis was on structural ceramics for high efficiency engines. The AMT has transitioned its emphasis to a broad portfolio of advanced materials that have the potential to significantly improve the efficiency of ground transportation vehicles. Our technical activities are organized by individual Annexes on developing surface engineering technology, thermal electric materials, multi-material joining, and model-based coatings. We are initiating potential new Annexes in tailored surface properties, and biofuels on engine performance. AMT operates primarily through sharing the technical tasks among participating institutes in our member countries, where each member country funds its own work and results are shared with annex membership, all intellectual property developed in task shared annexes reside with the originating organization(s). We are open to new topics of research and we welcome potential new members to attend our technical symposia and help us to identify technology gaps that could be addressed through the cooperative efforts of IA-AMT.

Our member countries are growing. Current participating countries include Australia, Canada, China, Finland, Germany, Israel, United Kingdom, and United States of America. Executive Committee meetings are held twice a year, each with a technical symposium open to interested professionals and or organizations. The meeting locations are held among member institutions.

The information generated in our ongoing technical activities in each Annex is shared with the annex membership only. Special topical reports are released with the approval of the Executive committee and are posted on this website. The Annual reports of the AMT-TCP summarizing the activities are also available to the public. Presentations of the technical symposia are posted on the open webpages after three years to protect potential confidential information provided by our industrial partners.

The value of our efforts can only be measured by the practical impact of our technical activities. Feel free to contact us if you need additional information about our research or regarding membership. We hope you share our commitment to the ideals of the AMT-TCP; and to the promise of advanced materials can make towards a more secure and prosperous future of us all.

Jerry Gibbs
U.S. Department of Energy